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  • We recognize that the only reason we are in business is to fulfill the needs of hiring managers and candidates in the medical sales industry;
  • We strive to treat all clients and candidates with respect;
  • We deal openly, and honestly, with clients and candidates;
  • We understand the importance of a person's career, and will always place their interests above ours;
  • We only accept search assignments that we can allocate the time and resources necessary to reasonably expect successful completion;
  • We can never be "all things to all people" and will focus on our strengths;
  • We find poor communication to be frustrating, and strive to communicate on a timely basis;
  • We do our best to stay informed of the market so that we can provide sound advice and excellent service;
  • We strive to provide helpful information that can be used to advance the careers or businesses of those in the medical industry;

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